Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

Virtual USA Flying Club is a community on the VATSIM network that works to promote general aviation and VFR flying.

*Must be a VATSIM member to join the club.*

The club uses Discord to host multiple general aviation oriented events each month on VATSIM, and provides members a forum to discuss all things flight simulator related.

Members range from those who are just beginning their flight simulator/VATSIM careers, to those with a multitude of real world aviation experience. Our events include fly-ins, group flights, bush flying, charter flying and more.

The club works hand in hand with VATSIM Air Traffic Control facilities to provide maximum realism during events. Established in August of 2019, the club has grown to have over 400 members, and is proud to enhance the joys of general aviation across the VATSIM network.

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