Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

Virtual Red Arrows 360°


ONBOARD VRED5 360° – Virtual Red Arrows

In the fifth video of the 360 series we once again supply you with a tricky line abreast
formation. Welcome to the cockpit of VRED5 Daniel ( Ricks ) Katzav as he flies the Python rolls!.

In this maneuver there are no less than 3 smoke changes and 2 rolls! one of which is more than 360 degrees, all flown in line abreast of VRED3. It takes a great deal of practice and skill in order to make this look easy from the ground.

The pilot needs to be very focusedon his references and on point with the throttle movements in order to stay in his box.

In these short 360 videos you will get to experience how it is to sit in the ejection seat of our pilots during our display.

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