Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

Virtual Red Arrows 360°

ONBOARD WITH VRED3 | Concorde to Cygnet

ONBOARD VRED3 360° – Virtual Red Arrows

In the third video of our 360 series you will get to experience the fantastic transition from Concorde to Cygnet at the top of the loop. All from VRED3 Jake ( Swift ) Allison’s cockpit.

In this maneuver VRED2 and VRED3 are positioned on the wings of VRED7 at the very back of the formation, with VRED´s 4 and 5 on their wings and VRED´s 8 and 9 behind them.
In the climb they will move up to fly on the wing of VRED6. Keep an eye out to the far left as VRED9 makes the difficult transition from slot position to the outer outer wing!

In these short 360 videos you will get to experience how it is to sit in the ejection seat of our pilots during our display.

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