We are a community that organizes and supports virtual airshow events. The annually held Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams is the highlight of the year.


The Virtual Airshows Group is a reformed alliance of established Virtual Airshows. Our aim is to unite virtual airshows from around the world and provide a common forum of like minded individuals to improve and maintain the standard of virtual aerobatic events.

The Virtual Airshows group is currently made up for 4 well renowned annual events, the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams (VFAT), the Virtual United Air Festival (VUAF), Virtual Beach Blast and the Virtual Burning Lake Airshow.

Virtual Airshow – What’s that? A Virtual Airshow is a streamed event that allows virtual aerobatic teams from all over the world to present their hard work for the enjoyment of a live audience. A virtual aerobatic team is either a representational (e.g. Virtual Red Arrows, Virtual Blue Angels) or fictional team that is comprised of a group of pilots that utilise flight simulators, commonly DCS:World, online to create life-like aerobatic displays.


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