Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update Japan Coming 9/29!

The world in Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting a major update, starting with the island nation of Japan on September 29!

The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has just released a brand new development update. This update includes the first World Update to Japan, SDK updates, information regarding 3rd party developers, marketplace updates, and finally, feedback snapshots.

Japan is such an incredible area to view, and a very diverse country. In today’s update they have announced that the Bing Maps team delivered 6 amazing photogrammetry cities, and an all new map that highly increases the detail all around Japan.

Asobo and Gaya Simulations both created 3 airports each. Gaya Simulations ended up making RJFU – Negasaki, RJTH – Hachijojima, and RJCK – Kushiro, as well as 20 new POIs. Asobo developed ROKR – Kerama, RORS – Shimojisjima, and RJX8 – Suwanosejima. Asobo also ended up adding three new landing challenges to the area to make this new DLC that much better.

The MSFS team stated that this is just the beginning, as we continue through this year and into the future we can expect more World Updates, and paid DLC’s. We can also expect simulation updates every 2-3 months.

The SDK in MSFS has been highly updated. This includes updates to the WebAssembly, which includes improvements to the GDI+ compatibility layer, and updates to the ease of development and debugging capability. Visual Studio 2017 has also been added. Next up, the glTF exporter now supports 3D Studio Max 2021. SimConnect facilities API has now been fixed, and an expansion can be expected. Finally, on the Developer Mode side, the MSFS team is working on improving the overall usability, including enhanced visualization for roads, terraforming shapes and exclusion rectangles, lastly, the editor doesn’t allow for invalid ground merging parameters.

Keep an eye out for new products to be released by 3rd party developers! The MSFS team has just approved 40 NEW 3rd party developers that can release quality products.

Lastly, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team released 4 brand new products into the marketplace over the last 2 weeks, and included 1 updated product.

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Locations Featured in this World Update Preview

Kushiro Airport

Matsushima Bay





Tower of Wind



Himeji Castle



Itsukushima Shrine

Nagasaki Airport


Suwanosejima Airport

Kerama Airport

Shimojishima Airport

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