Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

TFDi Design launches PACX on OrbxDirect

“We are happy to announce that Orbx partner, TFDi Design , have just launched their immersive, interactive and highly detailed passenger and cabin crew experience, PACX, on OrbxDirect!”

PACX is available now for P3D, XP11 and MSFS –
Current TFDi Design customers can transfer your PACX or 717 software license here –
Enhance your piloting experience with the added feeling of responsibility and the significance of travelling with passengers and crew.
Over 700 different sounds make every flight sound different. You will hear your actual destination, flight number, time of day, outside temperature, and flight-specific announcements like cabin lights dimming or customs.
Passengers will react to, and judge, events throughout your flight, and you may encounter dynamic and random medical incidents, reseating requests, and baggage issues.
Vocal recognition technology also allows you to make realistic public addresses.
Interact with your passengers and crew in a realistic, easy way.

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