Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

SlantAlphaAdventures Up Coming Schedule

Rob has released his upcoming Twitch stream schedule. The channel is fantastic and the content is valuable to learn from. Very entertaining and enjoyable for all ages. Come out and watch Rob with us as the Simulated Aviation team frequents the channel and is very active within the chat during the shows. 

FRI OCT 2nd 8pm EDT (Sat 0000z) — we’ll get back to business in the Carenado Cessna Citation II from Nashville (KBNA) to Dallas (KDFW) and Albuquerque (KABQ) for the “ZAB/ZFW/ZME Tri-Fire” FNO on our “Business-Casual Friday”!

MON OCT 5th 8pm EDT (Tue 0000z) — it’s “Bush League Monday” event #12, where we’ll take the PropStrike Studios C172 taildragger bush edition around Kodiak Island, Alaska! Scenery and itinerary details will be available at no later than the Friday before!

THU OCT 8th 8pm EDT (Fri 0000z) SPECIAL NIGHT– Virtual USA Flying Club presents an “Atlantic City Poker Run!” A virtual deck of cards has been scattered across a couple dozen airports within New Jersey; pilots will start and end at Atlantic City (KACY) while stopping at up to seven airports in between to build their “hand” and try to come away with the top prize! There’s a chance we’ll actually end up controlling Atlantic City Tower (ACY_TWR) for this one instead of flying in it; we’ll keep you posted!

FRI OCT 9th — off for show schedule modification.

SAT OCT 10th 7pm EDT (2300z) SPECIAL NIGHT — an ATC stream as Virtual Washington ARTCC serves some minors! We’ll be staffing up Norfolk (KORF), Atlantic City (KACY), Richmond (KRIC), and Roanoke (KROA) from 7pm to 11pm EDT (2300z-0300z)! Not yet sure what position we’ll be working but we’ll let you know as it gets close!

MON OCT 12th 8pm EDT (Tue 0000z) — “Douglas Overseas” departs Barra, UK (EGPR) for a stopoff at Donegal, Ireland (EIDL), followed by a flyover of Port Issac, Cornwall, UK (home of the TV series “Doc Martin”) and Weston-super-Mare (home of our friend CTxCB), then arrival at Bristol (EGGD)!

FRI OCT 16th 8pm EDT (Sat 0000z) — we’ll push the limits of our Beech Baron’s service ceiling as we fly Rocky Mountain High around the various Colorado ski resorts!

MON OCT 19th 8pm EDT (Tue 0000z) — a “Bush League Throwback” stream as we boot up the PropStrike Studios Bush Modded C172, taildragger edition, and revisit the “Bush League Mondays” event #11 down the Arkansas River! In iteration #1 we collected fifteen out of the 26 sandbar clues, so we have not quite a dozen more stops to make before we can solve the puzzle!

FRI OCT 23rd 8pm EDT (Sat 0000z) — It’s “Whiskey Friday” as the Chicago ARTCC hosts “It’s The Great PMPKN” Friday Night Ops event! We’ll boot up the FlyJSim 727 for a vintage re-enactment of a flight from the 1974 American Airlines schedule, from Oklahoma City (KOKC) to Chicago (KORD) to DC (KDCA) where we’ll hope to get a crack at the highly-touted River Visual approach to Runway 19!

MON OCT 26th 8pm EDT (Tue 0000z) — where’s somewhere scenic that we can take the Flight Simulator 2020 community-modded Cessna 152 that we haven’t been to on-stream yet? How about some Hawaiian island-hopping? Grab your flower-print shirts and your grass skirts and let’s go!

FRI OCT 30th 8pm EDT (Sat 0000z) — it’s time to revisit some vintage Eastern Airlines ops in the Aeroworx DC-3, this time from Charleston to Jacksonville, then Orlando, and finally Miami!

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