Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Simulated Aviation Flight Club | Track Your Flights!

Come join this aviation club today. This is not the typical airline as you know it today. We have created this flight club to focus on the general aviation and bush flying. We primarily focus on bush flights, but you are free to use any aircraft, with any flight plan! This allows you to track every flight with our ACARS System!

Beautiful thing about this club is you can create your own flights and enter your departure airport, complete your own custom flight route, and land at your own arrival. Or you can enter the flight plans that the team at Simulated Aviation has taken the time to hand craft. We have been releasing flight plans within the web site for some time now and these flights can be flown here. 

Works with MSFS, P3D, and X-Plane!


We have taken the time to create a virtual flight club for all aviators. Below you will find a listing of pilots who have been testing the system to ensure your experience is flawless. We encourage you to join this flight club as it costs you nothing and isn’t restrictive as other air lines that fly today. You will see that this system tracks your total miles flown and stacks your times against your fellow virtual aviator. 

The ACARS system will record many parameters of your flight. Everything is recorded and this flight log will be uploaded to the site upon completion. Built within this system you will find some really cool features. On the bottom left corner of the program you can listen to live music during your flight! The adds placed within the stream are actually really cool, everything is aviation related. You will be able to see your friends flying live on the radar page. If you click on your friends aircraft icon you will even see direction of travel, rate of speed and much more. The reporting system has active ATIS built in so you can get current reports at any time within your flight. 

Manual PIREP filing can be competed if you have a problem trying to file your flight. We understand that software glitches and bugs are something that unfortunately is just a part of what we do. So we have provided you the gateway to complete your flight manually. We ask that you provide as much information as possible so we can verify the flight. 

Management within the flight club have taken significant time to create flight routs you can select. These flights represent routes that have been created for the bush flights within the main web site. Additionally you will find if interested a flight route within every state. 

Getting Started

You will need to complete a pilot application form before getting started. This application process takes about five minutes and is not difficult. After this is complete the management team will accept your pilot application. Please allow us a calendar day to process this. You will receive an email when you move into the pilot roster that’s attached to your account. Go to the web site and log in. 


Above image shows you the area that you can download the ACARS system. This is located under your account name in the top right corner of the web page. Download and install the ACARS to your computer, additionally you will need to download FSUIPC, we recommend installing to your main hard drive and create a shortcut you can place on your desktop. The instructions provided below will teach you how to interact with the software to get your first flight underway. 

– Start FSUIPC (it will run in the background, its not a program you interact with)

– Start ACARS (log into your freshly minted account)

– Start your Flight Simulator and spawn into the world either on the ramp or the runway. 

– To start your flight on ACARS, ensure the parking brakes are set in the aircraft

– Enter the flight plan you chose to take on todays adventure both into ACARS and Flight Simulator

– Place your mouse on the start flight button on the ACARS system and have a great flight!

– Once your flight is complete and you’re back on the ground. Set the parking brakes and click on “End Flight” within the ACARS software.

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