Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

REX Weather Force Review for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Today we’ll be taking a look at REX Weather Force for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Experienced simmers should be most excited about this as REX has been around for years, and previously was the only way to add true weather immersion into your simulator. Of course the weather looks absolutely fantastic within the new platform, however, is it always accurate? 

Rex Weather Force aims to be the new standard for up-to-date real-world weather for Microsoft Flight Simulator

REX updates METAR data 6 times per hour to ensure you’re always flying in the most current conditions! And get this, even if the METAR shows clear skies in your area, it knows when a potential storm is forming nearby and will create the forming storm only miles away.

So let’s dive right into it and see how REX Weather Force performs and what features are available to you.

The First thing you’ll want to do is Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator and spawn onto an airport of your choice. Once you’re loaded in, go ahead and launch REX Weather Force. 

The First screen we have here is the Live Weather menu, this is where you can find all of your current weather information within the area you’re flying. We’ll get back to this in just a moment.

Heading over to DCWS Themes, or Dynamic Changing Weather Scenarios, here you can select a premade weather scenario if you’re looking for a challenge or to simply change out the weather in your area for something a little different. 

Next we can search for Weather information at a specific airport of our choice, or we can search for weather we want to fly in. If we search for snow for example, here you can see a list of airports that are experiencing snow throughout the world and we absolutely love this feature!

And finally we have the settings screen. Here we can convert temperatures to Celcius, Enable or Disable error messages, you can turn off the application’s sounds, which the first time you launch Weather Force you’ll be greeted with a very loud…. CRACK, You can enable real-time weather that is constantly updating to the interval you set below. And you can also enable instant weather load instead of the weather forming over time.

It’s important to note that as the sim develops, Weather Force will as well. Currently there is a bug that doesn’t load the wind system into MSFS until your aircraft is on the take-off roll or in the air. Other than that, we’re loving how Weather Force interacts with your simulator.

Anytime you want to utilize Weather Force, you’ll need to make sure your in-game weather settings are set to clear skies. Once you have clear-skies selected, go back to REX Weather Force and now we can click “Start Weather Synthesis” This will take a few seconds for REX to figure out where you’re located within the simulator, and then download the real-world METAR data to make the changes to your weather system. 

On this screen we can see all the information pertaining to the weather we’re flying in now. Wind speed, Dewpoint, Pressure, Wind DIrection, and we even have a METAR report here. At the top right where it says Weather Engine Status, It will let you know when it’s injecting the METAR data into your Simulator, and when it’s been completed.

We also have the favorite airports sidebar allowing you to save airports that you frequently fly at, or if you simply want to have a list of all the cool airports you’ve found. 

So now let’s take a look at the changes REX Weather Force makes to your simulator

Overall, Do you NEED Rex Weather Force for Microsoft Flight Simulator? No. BUT It does make a huge difference and it’s nice knowing that the weather you’re flying in, is actually real-time creating a much more immersive experience. 

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