Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

RedWing Simulation Releases LSGS Sion Airport for MSFS

RedWing Simulation Releases their first product for MSFS! Presenting, LSGS, Sion Airport.

Purchase Here for $18 USD

Sion Airport is a civilian and military basement with all availabe services

Enjoy IFR or VFR flight during night and days.

Challenge your skills in the Rhone Valley.

Try to land on Croix de Coeur Altiport LSYQ.

Visit marvelous Points of interest:

– Notre Dame Cathedral

– Valère Basilica

– TroubillonCastle

and soon the Barrage de la Grande Dixence

This is RedWing’s first airport and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store! They’ve even showed off a few screenshots of the Lockheed C-121 Constellation.

As we go through the first part of this video you’ll notice the stunning attention to detail that RedWing Simulations have put into making Sion Airport. From the internal seating area, to the hangars, and extremely detailed pbr textures, this is definitely an airport to add to your collection. Not to mention she’s only a few miles away from Courchlevel.

With extreme detail, sometimes comes a cost, and you’ll find that Sion airport currently hits our system with a slight FPS loss. But for the detail, and the gorgeous landscapes surrounding sion airport, we think it’s worth it.

The creators of Sion Airport are Swiss so it’s only fitting that they chose this location and you’ll notice personal touches from the creators scattered throughout.

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