Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

Quality Wings Simulations Updates estimated Release time for quarter 2 of 2021

Taking a look at the pictures provided by QualityWings this build is on its way. The company said the estimated time of release is for Q2 of 2021. Having flown their aircraft in P3D and FSX the products at that time were cutting edge. The images show the first screenshots look amazing. The developers made a statement on their FaceBook page that they have been already testing the product, however, they have more work to go as the SDK is still in development. Many DEVs are still learning the SDK and the new simulator so the release dates seem to be far out in time but given Microsoft just released this platform it’s not that much time. Remembering the FSX and P3D days the DEV teams took years to develop the products we all passionately love today. 

Exciting update for the heavy jet lovers. 

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