Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Orbx Releases LYNI Niš Constantine the Great Airport for MSFS

This charming new airport and cityscape scenery is from the hands of Orbx developer Rasha Tucakov – his first for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Out now on OrbxDirect –
As a mixed-use military/civilian airfield, expect to see a swathe of Soviet-era static aircraft including Kamov and Mil helicopters, MiG, Illushin and Antonov aircraft of differing types and sizes.
Custom vehicles, GSE, buses and trains are dotted around the airport and city, with the railyards close to the airfield receiving particular attention.
Beyond the airport, an entire city has been recreated, featuring dozens of custom points of interest and countless details.

Enjoy the first of several exciting new destinations from Rasha Tucakov for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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