Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Why We Chose Steam

You can purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator via the Microsoft Store or Steam. Here's why we went with Steam.​

Microsoft Flight Simulator

You are now able to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator VIA Steam and the Microsoft Store. 

Now there is nothing wrong with purchasing MSFS through the Microsoft Store, however Steam does come with a few benefits. 

  • Take My Money!

    By Purchasing MSFS with Steam, you will be charged for the game today instead of waiting 10 days prior to release.

  • Repair On-Demand

    Games in your steam Library may become corrupt over time, especially if MSFS supports user mods like FSX. With Steam you can repair and verify the integrity of your files at anytime.

  • Refundable

    If you purchase MSFS via Steam, if you try the game out and don't like it, You're able to return it as long as you have less than 2 hours of play time.

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