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Simulated Aviation - Flight simulator release party

The Team is holding a Microsoft Flight Simulator release party. An event you don't want to miss. Everyone is invited to attend, see below for details.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has provided our community the latest gateway to enjoy virtual flight. The release date of August 18/2020 will be an exciting time. Its just around the corner. 

On the date of August 22/ 2020 at 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, Simulated Aviation is hosting a party celebrating next generation simulation. We are inviting you to participate with us in the new fresh sky’s over western Canada. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight details

Communication Location: Discord, see the link at the bottom of all pages. If you haven’t joined the Discord server please take the time to do so. We encourage you to come socialize with the community. 

When? At 1:30PM EST on August 22nd, the Simulated Aviation team will be on to welcome people to the discord channels. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if any assistance is needed. 

We have two flights planed for this event. The first flight is to allow people the time to join the discord. This flight will be geared to a bit of friendly competition landing on many short beach sites and various locations around this complex river system. 

The second flight is geared to introduce the bush pilot to the amazing scenery this simulator provides. Much time has been spent by the team mapping out this event and providing a direction to route around the Idaho. mountains.

Flight #1

Take off airport 

CYCV Pretty Estates British Columbia, Canada

Flight #2

Starting airport I92 located in Idaho the east side of the map,  follow the airport list provided. Click on the map image and this will take you to the SkyVector site with all details provided. See the attached route map. 

This flight is geared to the bush style of aviation, taking off from this airport flying east you will find many landing and short grass field strips to land the plane on. STOL Drag comps have become a reality within this new simulator try your hand at a little friendly competition if you like. 

We’ll be flying further east to the mountain tops of Idaho Enjoy the beautiful sites this sim has to offer. At a few of the peaks, landing spots can be found. Challenging your pilot skills to get the aircraft stopped before the edge of the cliff. Lots of rivers to land on if you chose to take up the amphibious plane.

No air traffic control will be present as this is uncontrolled air space so keep an eye for your fellow pilots in the air. Come on out we are excited to you see in this event. 

Thank you Ben for providing this flight plan and as always great work. 

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