Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

Microsoft Flight Simulator - CLOSED BETA RELEASE DATE


The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team has released yet another community update. Today, they have announced that the closed beta release date is scheduled for 07/30/2020. In the meantime, today they have also released information stating that a brand new wave of Alpha invitations we’re sent out today!

The team has also announced that if you currently stand as an Alpha tester, that you will automatically be granted access to the Closed beta.

If you aren’t an Alpha tester, then this is your chance!

The Microsoft Flight Sim team will be sending out new invitations for your ability to participate in the first release of Closed Beta.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Team is listening to the community!

As the month of July has been moving along, the MSFS team has too,  today they have released Alpha 5, and Closed beta has been moved to the final testing stage.

The update released today has been primarily focused on what the community has requested. Community feedback, bug fixes, and a complete makeover has been included.

You may notice a difference the next time you log onto the simulator, you will see that all airplanes within the simulator have been tuned for the better, you will also notice that the scenery, including the airports and the weather system has been fine-tuned.

Every single day the MSFS team works day in and day out to perfect the brand new simulator. They have requested for the community to continue sending any feedback that may help make MSFS that much better.

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