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Microsoft Flight Simulator - Development Update, August 27th, 2020

The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has just released another development update that includes information about a bunch of bug fixes, and improvements.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has just brought us a brand new development update. This update includes a bunch of bug fixes all the way from improving fps when using the sim connect feature to stability issues.

In today’s post they have also talked about a bunch of fixes coming to the content manager, the title will no longer download packages automatically through the content manager, infinite loading screens will be fixed when offline, and the creator names of the packages should now be properly fixed.

Another issue that the team has gone through and fixed is tied directly to Simconnect. A significant FPS drop when using Simconnect will no longer affect your experience when flying within the simulator.

When having the display name plate option set to active, you should now notice that the performance of the title should be a lot better than it was before.

For those of you that have been in the marketplace recently, you probably have noticed that the currency was showing up incorrectly, however, the issue has been resolved and the correct currency should now appear.

The last improvement that the team fixed has to do with the installation process,  if you noticed that your download was blocked after partial decompression of a package, or when a local user account uses non-ASCII characters, or even if the connection to the servers fail at any given time, has been fixed. There is also a few more installation bugs that has been fixed, and you can read more on it by clicking on the development banner above.

Within 7 days you should also notice a patch update that all users will be able to install which contains bug fixes, reduced crashing, and installation issues, that have all been listed above.

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