Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

How to guide | MSFS Installing add-On Software

Mark from SimHanger goes over in detail how to install addon software. Thank you Mark for this detailed instructional video. If anyone has any questions please reach out to the Simulated Aviation team in discord. We would be glad to help. 


Installation of scenery, aircraft and modifications to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is something you need to know. The community creates some amazing software and the quality of the simulator shines even that much more with these additions. Third party software developers provide you the simple solution by installing the product you purchased directly into the simulator.

Within the Microsoft Flight Simulator you will find the MARKETPLACE. This is a great place to purchase Microsoft approved third party developers products. A feature to purchase in the Microsoft store is any updates or patches released gets updated threw the simulator itself. This feature created by the development team provides the end user the easiest way to add to the platform. 


Navigating to your addon folder isn’t as scary as it seems. Below you will find a basic instructional on how to navigate to this folder and how to install the desired software into Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

Community software installation process 

Step 1 – Download the desired software 

Step 2 – Navigate to your download folder

Step 3 – Open the zip file within the downloads folder

Step 4 – Drag the desired file into file directory. You need to know where your Flight Simulator is installed. Below is an example of a common directory. Depending on your directory’s this will very.

 C:\Flight Simulator 2020\Community

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