Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

A highly anticipated and comprehensive free update is now available for FS Academy – VOYAGER, download version 1.1 from your place of purchase. Available on SimMarket and, other stores updating imminently! These trips also allow the user to set their own choice of weather, time and season for each trip. Also provided are the bare flight plans so they are fully flexible.

Now fully updated and expanded as complete Bush Trips with Jeppesen Charts.

Take in our breath-taking world by embarking on a series of 7 Bush Trips across some of the most iconic locations. Cruise past the skyscrapers of NYC, gaze deep into the Grand Canyon and try not to get wet as you circle Niagara Falls, taking full advantage of the fantastic USA World scenery in MSFS.

Commence your Bush Trip and choose your own weather, season and time of day.

Or load one of the included Voyager flight plans to choose another aircraft. Fully flexible!

Built by a real airline captain, these authentically constructed routes take you around the globe to discover the wonders that await you, complete with authentic Jeppesen Charts to show you the way.

Get up close and personal at low level and see the glorious Earth never before presented with such incredible detail in a Flight Simulator. Find your way by looking out the window, steering headings, stopwatch in hand.

Turn the pages of the expansive manual to learn more about altimetry, cruising levels, weather reports and much more!

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