Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Free Addon Scenery for MSFS | ENSD Sandane Airport, Anda

Discover this beautiful free airport located in the heart of the mountains of Anda. 

“I’ve created a rendition of my local airport ENSD – Anda. It’s a massive improvement compared to the default. The airport is located on the beautiful west coast of Norway, and is considered one of the most dangerous airports in Norway due to the relative short runway, fjords on both ends, and the mountains around the airport. It’s currently in version 0.1.0, so I’m still working on it. Any compliments and critiques is much appreciated.”


  • Sloped runway based on accurate height data
  • Updated apron based on up to date sattalite imagery
  • Correct taxiways and parkings based on local charts
  • Manual terraforming to make the terrain more like real life
  • Added buildings that resambles to some degree the real ones
  • Custom ground marking textures to match the real life markings
  • Correct metadata for the airport
  • Same tower frequency as real life

Download Here 7.11MB

To install drag the “aw-airport-ensd-anda” folder into your community folder within the MSFS Directory.

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