Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Free Addon Scenery | ENGM Oslo Airport for MSFS

“Welcome to Oslo! Hello, flyer! Thank you for downloading and checking out my new scenery! I am very proud to introduce Oslo Airport, Gardermoen to you after nearly 80 hours of development!”

by KapteinWestad

KW Oslo Airport 2020 Features:

  • Added up-to-date aprons/taxiways around the northern pier and other locations (Anno 2020).
  • Added numerous new taxiways.
  • Added/reworked modern jetways (every gate/parking spot included).
  • Added detailed material textures
  • Replaced every single parking spot
  • Replaced every single centerline/edge line/ortho line.
  • Replaced numerous auto-gen buildings
  • Tweaked textures/materials
  • Detailed fencing, and lighting

Download: 93.71KB

To install this livery, simply drag and drop the “engm” folder into your community folder within your MSFS Directory.

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