Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Microsoft Flight Simulator

- Meteoblue

Weather Engine update for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator has an extensive history, starting the series back in November 1982. This title has proven its value to the community time and time again. The aviator has  relied on this platform to further hone the skill and ability at study levels enjoying the freedom of flight. 

With the upcoming release of this latest title and the advancements of technology we can expect ground breaking never before seen features implemented such as Meteoblue’s real-world, live weather systems. 



Simulated Aviation – Meteoblue review:

Meteoblue is a company based in Switzerland and monitors global weather environment. The data being recorded within their network is being injected into the new Microsoft Flight Simulator releasing hopefully this year. The data points being entered into this simulator are reported within this video inside small areas. Multiple layers of segmented areas latterly and vertically complete the global. 

Microsoft studio team will need to inject its own textures and visual artistic studio creations into the simulator using the weather data being uploaded. This engineering and seamless streamline between companies and technology is very exciting. 

On the left side of this page you will see the Meteogram showing temperature, cloud coverage and altitude levels. Showing layers and density including precipitation percentages and colors identifying date and time perditions, wind speed rates, directions and gusts shown within a graph. Great stuff, easy to read and makes sense.

This is clearly not an image that aviators use during the pre flight procedures listening to ATIS  and confirming actual real time data but a great tool to forecast. 

The Microsoft team has also shown how they mottle the aircraft within the simulator. This weather advancement working with Metoblue will create a level of realism the simulated pilot has never experienced within any platform. The texture injection into the platform looks so real its hard to tell the difference from reality. 

Written by Martin 

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