Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

North America West Coast Flight Plan

Vancouver Canada to Phoenix U.S.A.

If you have any ideas or locations you would like to fly at, place your request within the Discord channel. Suggestions are always welcome.

    Download the Flight Plan .PLN File Here

Simulated Aviation will provide a flight plan every couple of weeks. These plans are ahnd crafted and designed by the founders team. Significant time and effort gooes into these plans, we ask that you enjoy and stay tuned for more plans coming up. 

We are excited to share this amazing flight tour of the West Coast in North America!

The flight time estimates at 12 hours. Spend some time enjoying some bush flying and regional hops. At the time of this flight plan release, many fires are ablaze. Be careful and pay attention to the no-fly zones along this route. The visibility depending on the wind direction can be challenging. Be prepared for some IFR Conditions!

The multimedia provided is taken from locations around these areas. Below you will find the complete information package to follow this route, SkyVector is not a difficult site to use however it does take some practice. If you prefer you can use this image to program your navigation system. However the wind speeds won’t be current from this chart. 

Starting at CYVR – Vancouver Int Canada

This flight tour finishes out at KPHX – Phoenix International. 

This flight created provides hours of enjoyable time. The flight plan takes you out of the scenic area of Vancouver heading south over Seattle into the Colorado mountain range. Lonnie Pool Field you will find a very challenging approach. 

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