Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

Flight Plan: Jerome’s Haunted Sliding Jail

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    Download the Flight Plan .PLN File Here

Welcome to Jerome Arizona

“IN AN IMPLAUSIBLE TURN OF events, this jailhouse went on the run. The old jail building in Jerome, Arizona can be found more than 200 feet from where it started, following a slow slide down the mountain.

Although its been many years since the facility was in use, it certainly spent some time in high demand. An old copper mining camp, Jerome was incorporated in 1898 and like many Wild West towns, soon garnered a reputation for boozing, brawling, and brotheling. Its bad reputation was enough to briefly garner it the title of “Wickedest Town in America.” The gambling and gun fights continued through Jerome’s World War I boom, when there were as many as 15,000 people living and working there. Today, it has only about 400 inhabitants and quite a different temperament. “

Excerpt from Atlasobscura 

Scavenger Hunt

Can you find the hidden letters scattered across the flight plan to reach the final destination airport? BushflyingDelight has created custom scenery that will be released the day-of so we can all embark on this hunt together with no chances of having an unfair advantage 😉

Find All 3 or 4 Letters to reach the final destination. From here we will venture into the hills of Jerome Arizona and find the Sliding Jail. Nearby is a custom STOL strip for everyone to take there chances at landing in a very unforgiving environment.

Download Scenery:  https://www.mediafire.com/file/ztuk6v6c57jkpu8/bfdelight-sa-halloween.zip/file

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