Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Hawaii Island Scenic Tour

We are excited to share this amazing flight tour at the Island chains of Hawaii. The flight plan has been hand chosen, designed for the virtual pilot.The flight time estimates at just under 4 hours. However, the actual flight time including stopping at all the airports designed within this tour takes about 7 hours to complete. Spend some time enjoying some bush flying, the tropical scenery and fantastic weather conditions are awaiting you.

If you have any ideas or locations you would like to fly at, place your request within the Discord channel. Suggestions are always welcome.

    Download the Flight Plan .PLN File Here

The multimedia provided is taken from locations around these areas. Below you will find the complete information package to follow this route, SkyVector is not a difficult site to use however it does take some practice. If you prefer you can use this image to program your navigation system. However the wind speeds won’t be current from this chart. 

This flight has a variety of the most beautiful locations in the world. Anything from flying over an active volcano to climbing high and fast to get over the 14.000 foot mountain tops. Take a tour along side of amazing beach front, tropical coastal ocean lines, active geological wonders of the world. 

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