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Virtual Airshows VFAT 2020

V.F.A.T. is an annual event hosted and organized by the Virtual Airshows organization. Virtual Aerobatic Teams from around the world come together for this incredible event. Teams like the Virtual Red Arrows, Virtual Blue Angels, Virtual Thunderbirds and many more! Every demonstration is performed LIVE by the teams involved.

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Virtual Red Arrows: 360° Python

In the fifth video of the 360 series we once again supply you with a tricky line abreast
formation. Welcome to the cockpit of VRED5 Daniel ( Ricks ) Katzav as he flies the Python rolls!.

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Virtual Red Arrows: 360° Rollbacks

In the second video in the series, you get to sit in VRED2 Ollie “ Calico “ Price cockpit for the spectacular rollbacks. This is a maneuver that requires a very accurate stick and throttle input to get the timings correct.

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