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Rob is a 30+-year flight simulation enthusiast who has been sim flying on desktop PC flight simulators more-or-less since they existed. Rob established his Twitch channel in July 2018 and is an official Twitch Affiliate as of January 2019. 

SlantAlphaAdventures twitch channel is for aviation and flight simulation enthusiasts who particularly enjoy General Aviation flying using old-school radio navigation techniques, including (but not limited to) VFR flight with radio-nav position cross-checks, IFR route tracking via VOR or NDB airways, ILS approaches, LOC approaches, BC approaches, NDB approaches, and even Instrument Approach Procedures.  Rob is also a virtual Delivery, Ground, and Tower controller on VATSIM, the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, allowing viewers to see things from both sides of the scope.

Rob’s biggest goal in his Twitch channel and the tutorials he publishes on YouTube is to help take the intimidation factor away for potential new members of VATSIM, which he says provides an unparalleled immersion level and was “the single biggest leap” he took as a realistic sim aviator.

The Schedule for SlantAlphaAdventures is usually Mondays and Fridays at 8PM EST

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Weekly schedule includes Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 0200Z

Flight simming since I was 13, Diploma in Aviation Management, minoring in Aeronautical Science. Previously worked in a local airline providing Fleet Technical Support for the 787.

Been Flight simming here a lot, documenting my return to Aviation in the closing months of my military service. 

I have a passion for Airplanes, Cars, KPOP (specifically IZ*ONE), FPS games and watching my favorite streamers.

                                                                  Thank you all for being here!

Eric Flight

Eric is a real-world private pilot and has been a flight simulator enthusiast for 20+ years. His beginnings in flight simulation date back to participating in virtual airlines where he flew commercial aircraft (airliners) and helped operate them in positions as hub captain and eventually a virtual airline creator/owner. Nowadays, inspired by attaining his private pilot certificate, he flies general aviation on the simulator to help practice flying skills and for enjoyment. Eric is also a frequent creator on his flight inspired YouTube Channel Eric Flight where he uploads real-world flights he performs as well as archives live streams which are simultaneously streamed to both YouTube and Twitch live. 

The Eric Flight YouTube and Twitch channels are created for anyone interested in aviation, respectful socializing, flying along on the simulator, watching flight events, and learning about how flights are done by a real-world private pilot. While the live streams continue, Eric will also continue posting real-world flight video and other related videos on YouTube to inspire, help, and answer questions while providing knowledge on how flying general aviation aircraft is performed in the real world. 

From Simhanger, Mark:

 The Simhanger YouTube channel started just over a year and a half ago. A flight simulation enthusiast since the early releases of the Microsoft Flight Simulator using 8086 PCs.

 I have a keen interest in computer technology and I like to keep up to date on the latest developments, which shows in some of my content being hardware-focused. Born in Kenya, and having spent a good portion of my life in Africa, I have lived in Zambia and Zimbabwe before moving to the UK some 16 years ago. During my time in Africa, I had the opportunity to fly various aircraft, ranging from my favorite, the venerable Cessna 152 and 172, and even a brief and accident-prone period with Microlights.

 I have gained much of my knowledge through YouTube channels over the years and creating my own channel was my way of giving a little back to the community. I have a focus on quality rather than quantity and enjoy the video creation process. I try and produce at least two videos a month, time permitting, as I do work full time and like most have family commitments. I hope to retire sometime in the next two years and this amazing hobby will be there to keep me occupied and busy thereafter.

      I don’t believe ‘’one shoe fits all’’ so my channel tries to cover various flight simulation subjects and packages on the market, with a Focus on Xplane, P3D, and of course I am excited by the upcoming release of MSFS. I also dabble in DCS. Virtual Reality and the increased immersion this creates in flight simulation is a particularly interesting area for me and I own numerous headsets. My favorite at the moment is the HP Reverb with its amazing resolution.

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