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The Fokker 50 modeled and designed by Carenado. Many features provided and created at study level. Below is a series of multimedia content taken from inside XPLANE 11 featuring this amazing aircraft. Significant flight time has been spent evaluating this aircraft. Simulated Aviation team stands behind this product if you enjoy the prop driven regional air line commuter aircraft. Flight model created provides the virtual pilot high fidelity feeling of flight. Virtual Reality Supported

The Fokker 50 was built and designed in the 1980’s with the first flight flown on December 28/1985. Production date ran until 1997 with a total of 213 units sold. Unit cost of $ 17.5 million, the virtual pilot has the opportunity to purchase this aircraft directly from Carenado. Unit cost of $ 39.95 USD. Very small cost comparatively.  

Carenado Features

Included in the package
10 HD liveries.
1 HD Blank livery
F50 Emergency Procedures PDF
F50 Normal Procedures PDF
F50 Performance Tables PDF
F50 Reference PDF
Recommended Settings XP11 PDF

Incredibly detailed interior making it feel as if you’re flying the real thing. Complete with folding arm rests, window blinds, and tables on the back of seats, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Not to mention, an incredibly wide field of view making navigating the skies of X-Plane, a breeze coupled with an extremely detailed cockpit, makes this aircraft perfect for any adventure.

Visit the product page and check out this aircraft. Simulated Aviation Highly Recommends this product. All round fantastic build by the team at Carenado. Click on the product page below to see more information.

Simulated Aviation test team had an opportunity to dig into the Fokker 50. The aircraft proves to be high end study level, aircraft model and texturing looks fantastic, PBR quality shines. Carenado modeled the flight dynamics that makes you feel like your aircraft is alive. 

Engine functional gauges are easy to read and fully functional. Cross referencing the performance table, checking the gauges ensures aircraft functions are within expected limits. 

Overhead panel is very intuitive, easy to read and fully operational. From cold and dark to fully operational cockpit, checklist and pdf documentation included.

Documentation and information provided by Carenado included PDF files are:

-Emergency Procedures and checklist
-Normal Procedures pdf documentation 
-Overhead Panel Layout includes images included within package
-Performance Table-take off/landing speeds, weights, fuel burn. etc
-Reference Guide-Max and Min operational air speed tables
-Recommended graphic settings balancing your system
-XPLANE FMS Manual-documentation covering all computer systems, control display unit and multi-functional display 

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