Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

Beach Blast 2020 Recap

Virtual Beach Blast Airshow was a HUGE success! With 18 performers, this made for an incredible day.

Watch nearly all of the LIVE Performances from Beach Blast on the Simulated Aviation YouTube!

Thank You To all performers involved, practicing, and dialing in your shows to be the best they could be for August 9th. Beach Blast went on without a hitch and that’s because of the teamwork and dedication, and of course the love we all share for Simulated Flight.

Thank you to the staff behind the scenes.

  • Timothy “Camel” Reynolds
  • Martin “Foxy” Molinaro
  • Mason “Matrix” Ellis
  • Chris “Striker” Curtis
  • Joe “Grin” Grinnelli
  • Tactical Panda

And last but not least, thank you to Virtual Airshows for providing an excellent platform for Virtual Airshow events like these to happen. If you’re interested in performing at the next Virtual Airshow be sure to check them out!

Virtual Airshows

Get ready for the next Virtual Airshow! The Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams on December 12th and 13th Live on the VirtualAirshows Twitch!

Beach Blast was originally created by Brandon “Bingo” Walker back in 2014. This year was the 5th rendition of the Virtual Beach Blast Airshow. 

The Airshow community real world and Virtual did a great job at promoting and participating in this years event. With 18 performers, including demonstrations from the Virtual Thunderbirds, Virtual Red Arrows, Virtual Blue Angels, and the Virtual Snowbirds, Beach Blast made for an amazing day. 

This year was the first airshow for Virtual Snowbirds since 2015. They equipped their new CT-114 Tutor and took to the Virtual Skies. Being their first show since 2015, they put on an oustanding show. Complete with multiple camera angles, and a 7-ship display, this is one you won’t want to miss. An HD Remaster is in the works. The Virtual Snowbirds are also recruiting at this time.

Highlights from Sundays Event

Czech Virtual Hangar: Steerman Demonstraiton

National Day of Singapore Tribute by the VRSAF Aerial Display Team

The Virtual Red Arrows

Virtual Canadian CF-18 Hornet Demonstration

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