Virtual U.S.A. Flying Club Poker Run

Date: Thursday, October 8th – 8pm EDT (0000z +1)

PLEASE be on time for Voice briefing in the Discord

Route: ACY-(Airports in the State of NJ)-ACY

Have you ever heard of a Poker Run? It is a type of event among clubs, sometimes motorcycles, sometimes cars, sometimes airplanes where its members travel to various “checkpoints” and pick up a card. Members will travel to a minimum of 5 Airports and a maximum of 7 in order to attempt to make a poker hand. Members must return to the starting point within the allotted time in order to have their “hand” accepted. The member with the best hand at the end wins the prize. The winner will receive a $25 dollar gift card. Must be a club member to win.


General Aviation aircraft, piston-driven. No turboprops, no Jets (recommended with a min of 100kt Cruise Speed)

Click on the SkyVector Flight plan to access the schedule. 


  • VFR event. Should weather be IFR day of event, we will set VFR weather for the Flight, Sim will be set to Day
  • Fly a general aviation prop aircraft with a cruise speed 100Kt minimum
  • 122.8 for all sectors that are not being covered by ATC
  • Must be a flying club member to be eligible for prize.
  • Flight following is not required and is at Pilot’s Discretion
  • Longest Straight Line flying Distance approx 75NM (150NM round trip)
  • Flying time approx 1:40 to 2 Hours
  • ACY class C may be active at time of event, please plan appropriately to arrive within the time limit
  • There are only 3 Class D airports on the list, be mindful of the timesink of getting in and out of these airports if they are staffed. (Request a full stop Taxi back)
  • In order to receive your card you must be on the ground and stopped, clear of the runway at the desired airport, before you can ask your Dealer (seperate Channel will be used)
  • Recommend possibly getting a deck of Cards for your own Visual reference in order to better plan your hand
  • Pilot may only land at a maximum of 7 Airports, therefore collecting 7 cards
  • There will be one Airport on the list that will only have Joker cards, these will be duds and will require the member to continue flying in order to collect their 6 remaining cards
  • Please put Virtual USA Flying Club in the remarks section of your flight plan.
  • Adhere to Virtual USA Flying Club Event Etiquette.

In order to adapt this Poker run to the Flying club and digital realm, there will be a “dealer.” The dealer will scatter the cards across various airports for members to gather. There will be approx two cards at every airport. The member will have a choice of what card they want as they try to build the best hand possible. The Best 5 Card hand will be used

Altitude: Below 18,000MSL

Approx time: 1Hour 50 Minutes

Dealer Approved Airports (all paved airports in NJ within the Skyvector Boundary):

Questions? Ask in the discord or email [email protected]


8:00pm EDT (0000z): Voice briefing in Events voice channel.

8:15pm EDT (0030z): Planned first departure out of ACY

8:35pm EDT (0035z): Planned last departure out of ACY

10:00pm EDT (0200z): Estimated first arrival into ACY

10:29pm EDT (0229z): Estimated final arrival into ACY

10:30pm EDT (0230z): Time limit expired, winners drawn


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