Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Anchorage Alaska Tour

We provide a scenic tour at the mountainous area of Alaska. The tour starts out in Anchorage and takes you around some of Flight Simulators most beautiful areas.The flight time estimates at 3 hours, spend some time enjoying some bush flying.

The image on the right takes you directly to Simulated Aviation's SkyVector route.

    Download the Flight Plan .PLN File Here

The multimedia provided is taken from locations around these areas. Below you will find the complete information package to follow this route, SkyVector is not a difficult site to use however it does take some practice. If you prefer you can use this image to program your navigation system. However the wind speeds won’t be current from this chart. 

Some of the areas within this region have amazing bush hop locations, just only a few miles away from each other. Providing some great short field grass or dirt strip runways back to back. Very challenging flight location. At some points your aircraft will work hard to make it over the mountains, leading you to dive down from the top of world to your next airport in the valley. 

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