Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Airworthy Designs TNCM St. Martin Review

Princess Juliana International Airport is the main airport on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. The airport is located on the Dutch side of the island, in the country of Sint Maarten. In 2015, the airport handled 1,829,543 passengers and around 60,000 aircraft movements. The airport serves as a hub for Windward Islands Airways and is the major gateway for the smaller Leeward Islands, including Anguilla, Saba, St. Barthélemy and St. Eustatius. It is named after Queen Juliana, who landed here while still only heir presumptive in 1944, the year after the airport opened. The airport has very low-altitude flyover landing approaches because one end of its runway is extremely close to the shore and Maho Beach. There is also an airport on the French side of the island, in the French Collectivity of Saint Martin, called Aéroport de Grand Case or L’Espérance Airport.

Airworthy Designs TNCM has been released for MSFS and its a very well put together airport with so much detail added it’s really amazing, This is one of the best MSFS Payware airports I have seen so far, Airworthy Designs has not only made the airport with buildings they also did the full interior of the terminal of TNCM and it is really cool, they have also added a ATC tower interior as well, they even added people on Maho beach even the bars and danger sign is there which is truly amazing. The difference between the default TNCM and Airworthy Designs TNCM is night and day, Airworthy Designs has really put the time and effort and love into making this airport.

Airworthy Designs also made near by TFFG airport to full detail as well and is just as good as TNCM.

What I like about the airport

What I like about the airport, Well where do I start there is so many things I like about this airport

I absolutely love the terminal interiors. I love the external airport details as well, The people on the beach are really cool, The night lighting on the beach, airport and nearby hotels are pretty good.

What I don’t like about the airport

Well there isn’t much that I don’t like but where I think that AirWorthy Designs can improve on is the Ortho of the island of ST Maarten. 

Final thoughts

Well I really love this airport, and would recommend to anyone Looking for a good TNCM scenery for MSFS, I’d rate this Airport 5/5 as its a masterpiece great job Airworthy Designs.

Also As I said above I really wish Airworthy Designs would upgrade the ortho for the entire island as the bing data is pretty bad and if they could do that it would make the immersion 10x better.

Detailed rendition of BOTH Princess Juliana and L`esperance airports featuring:

– FPS optimized with aggressive LOD setups and efficient use of texture assets

– Custom ortho textures for the airport surroundings

– Maho beach brought to life with dynamic animations and custom lighting

– Custom mesh

– Detailed Interiors

– Multi-layered ground poly

– Over 5000 hand placed objects

– PBR workflow for all scenery assets

– Continued support with content updates 



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