Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

AeroVector Jet Team (AVJT) is a growing group of like-minded individuals who aim to present hard work and practice through flying. Inspiring the next generation, they pride themselves in precision flying.


The team first debuted under the name “Flying Griffins” at VUAF 2017, flying the Alphajet. Years later, in March 2019 they flew at VBLA as a three-ship MB-339 team; completely re-branded. The original was led by Kirby, with Steffi and Teodor flying on the wings. Their MB-339 paint was designed by Steffi, featuring a carbon-fiber like design and, red and white painted wings. This was their only demonstration that featured external tanks on the wings.

The VBLA performance established AVJT but it was clear a lot of improvement would need to be made in order to keep the team in public-interest. In the summer of 2019, Tay joined the team making for a great 4-ship display at Virtual Aviation Nation (VAN) in October. AeroVector and the Blue Spectres collaborated at the show site 2-weeks prior. This 45-minute flight was a symbol of friendship and respect across the two teams.

With the addition of a fourth pilot, came new choreography which became the base flightpath for all subsequent shows. At the same time, AVJT revealed their new paint scheme designed by Astro – a close partner of the team.


Although the VAN airshow went well, it was clear improvement still needed to be made. With VFAT soon approaching the 4-ship continued to practice multiple times a week. They were now flying an updated EFM for the aircraft instead of the SFM they flew during VBLA.

VFAT took place in December of 2019 and the show was a great success for AeroVector. The formation was tighter, repositions were cleaner and the music timing was immaculate. They then proceeded to stream a backseat flight on Virtual Airshows two weeks later.

AeroVector Jet Team expanded to 5 pilots for their 1-year anniversary at VBLA 2020, which they trained every day for. The team continues to expand, improve, and evolve and has no plans on disband. The only way is up for the pilots who hope to inspire others in flying and creativity. 


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