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Air forces, navies and civilian organizations have around the world, established air demonstration and display teams performing for air show enthusiasts and aviators. This page provides contact information and multimedia content for virtual demonstration pilots and the aerobatic community
Get involved with a community club or league today! Clubs are a more generalized social area for pilots to hang out and take to the skies with friends.
Combat Squadrons are a group assigned to provide combat air control services in the form of Radar, Surveillance Identification, Weapons Control, Battle Management and Theater Communications Data Link to the forces or area it is assigned to
Commercial aviation in the simulation world is represented within some platforms at a study level. From Virtual Air Traffic Control to company represented air lines this simulated world of flight is a favorite past time for all.
The Virtual Airshows Group is a reformed alliance of established Virtual Airshows. Our aim is to unite virtual airshows from around the world and provide a common forum of like minded individuals to improve and maintain the standard of virtual aerobatic events.

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